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Octopus & Other Cephalopods

    Common Name Scientific Name
Teuthida sp. Squid Egg                                                                                            Squid Egg Teuthida sp.
Chambered Nautilus Med Nautilas pompilius
Octopus chierchiae Grey Zebra Octopus Med                                                                               Grey Zebra Octopus Med Octopus chierchiae
Octopus mercatoris Dwarf Octopus Sml                                                                                    Dwarf Octopus Sml Octopus mercatoris
Octopus vulgaris Common Octopus Sml                                                                                   Common Octopus Sml Octopus vulgaris
Octopus vulgaris Common Octopus Med                                                                                   Common Octopus Med Octopus vulgaris
Thaumoctopus mimicus Mimic Octopus Med                                                                                    Mimic Octopus Med Thaumoctopus mimicus
Octopus joubini Pygmy Octopus Atlantic Sml                                                                           Pygmy Octopus Atlantic Sml Octopus joubini
Sepia sp. Cuttlefish Med                                                                                       Cuttlefish Med Sepia sp.
Sepia bandensis Dwarf Cuttlefish Egg                                                                                 Dwarf Cuttlefish Egg Sepia bandensis
Chambered Nautilus Sml Nautilas pompilius
Chambered Nautilus Lrg Nautilas pompilius
Octopus mercatoris Dwarf Octopus Med                                                                                    Dwarf Octopus Med Octopus mercatoris
Octopus mercatoris Dwarf Octopus Lrg                                                                                    Dwarf Octopus Lrg Octopus mercatoris
Hapalochlaena lunulata Blue Ring Octopus Sml                                                                                Blue Ring Octopus Sml Hapalochlaena lunulata
Octopus vulgaris Common Octopus Lrg                                                                                   Common Octopus Lrg Octopus vulgaris
Octopus vulgaris Common Octopus Xlg                                                                                   Common Octopus Xlg Octopus vulgaris
Abdopus sp. Long Arm Octopus Med                                                                                 Long Arm Octopus Med Abdopus sp.
Octopus cyanea Day Octopus Sml                                                                                      Day Octopus Sml Octopus cyanea
Octopus cyanea Day Octopus Lrg                                                                                      Day Octopus Lrg Octopus cyanea
Thaumoctopus mimicus Mimic Octopus Sml                                                                                    Mimic Octopus Sml Thaumoctopus mimicus
Thaumoctopus mimicus Mimic Octopus Lrg                                                                                    Mimic Octopus Lrg Thaumoctopus mimicus
Sepia vulgaris Caribbean Cuttlefish Sml                                                                             Caribbean Cuttlefish Sml Sepia vulgaris
Sepia vulgaris Caribbean Cuttlefish Med                                                                             Caribbean Cuttlefish Med Sepia vulgaris
Sepia vulgaris Caribbean Cuttlefish Lrg                                                                             Caribbean Cuttlefish Lrg Sepia vulgaris
Metasepia pfefferi Flamboyant Cuttlefish Med                                                                            Flamboyant Cuttlefish Med Metasepia pfefferi

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